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This is the first step in the process! When the potatoes are shipped to the processing plant they are first inspected for imperfections like, insects, rot or being too large.

This next step is to peel and slice the potatoes to the desired thickness. Once they are properly peeled and sliced, they are washed to remove the starch so that the chips are crispy!

Once the potatoes have been washed, the next step is to dry them before they are fried.

After the slices have been dried and entered into the fryer, believe it or not they sink to the bottom of the fryer until they are cooked. The perfectly cooked chips are then pushed from the top of the oil to the conveyer belt.

After the chips are cooked to perfection, they are then moved to the conveyer belt where they are taken to the seasoners!

Once the chips arrive at the seasoners, they are divided evenly to all seasoners. After the chips are seasoned, they fall down to the scales where they are weighed according to the bag size they are going into.

Now taste the finished product