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Dondre and his daughters, Amina (right) and Amari (left), show off their Symphony Chips at an Atlanta grocery store. (Photo by BrainChild Associates)

The potato chip industry is usually not associated with gourmet food, but Dondre Anderson and his daughters are bringing their Gourmet Spice to their line of gluten-free potato chips. 

Symphony Chips started as a completely different business venture from what it is today. Dondre was originally selling his dad’s homemade spice and promoting it in grocery stores throughout Atlanta, GA in 2010. During his taste demos, he needed something to put the spice on and thought to make some homemade potato chips.  

The family decided to focus on creating their own potato chips in 2016. Dondre’s father always said that every bite of food should be harmonious, so Dondre and his daughters named their business Symphony. The name paid off because just as they got on their feet with producing the chips in bulk, Dondre received a call from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. With the name Symphony Chips, the orchestra thought that it’d be great to sell the chips in the concession stands at their performances. From that point on, the chips were being sold and not only gaining attention from the name, but the taste as well. 

“Our chips are completely original and tasteful,” said Amina, one of Dondre’s daughters. “And as an athlete, I’m always mindful of my diet and I know that I can eat our chips without feeling guilty.” 

“I can’t smile like them. I don’t sound like them. I don’t have the hair like them. They’re definitely the superstars,” said Dondre. “But as we get in deeper with this and get into more stores and locations, I’m teaching them the business end of it as well so that when they finish making their products, they’ll know exactly what to do.” 

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