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It's about Eating Healthier

Hello Symphony Nation,
It's good to talk to you again! 
I believe eating healthier starts with wanting to be better for yourself. Who are you? Or even better, who do you want to be? And how do you want to feel in the you that you want to be?
These are questions I struggle with and the decisions I make are the result of which side won the struggle in that moment! I feel like I want to be happy in every moment and more importantly present in those moments to enjoy the happiness I create. 
I don't know about you, but through my journey in life, being present and being supported are the two most fundamental needs I have. I believe how we treat ourselves plays into what we are present for and how we show up in that "now" moment. Yes, I believe in treating myself just as you do because we all deserve to be celebrated for all the gifts we bring the world. So be sure to treat yourself well!
Also, I believe that I am the result of my support system and the people I surround myself with. So when my Dad came to live with me I began to have support in a way I had never imagined before, of course, him being a chef doesn't hurt either! It is both fun and flavorful at the same time. I enjoy watching him be excited about launching his spice line. Yes, this is all him and I'm excited to see him soar! 
We need your help to support his dream of seeing his spice dream come true and as always, if you haven't tried our chips or his spices, please get some chips which feature his spices so when we launch the spices you will know what they taste like! While doing so, allow yourself to feel present, treated, and supportive by helping my Dad's dream come true!



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