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Healthier Snacking

I believe what we feed ourselves shapes our perception. I feel as I take breathing for granted, I too take what I snack on or feed myself for granted also. So am I taking myself for granted and not appreciating my life? Ok, that might be too deep, but I did start to change what I feed my mind, body and soul. 
I began to feed my mind what I felt I was missing in my life. The moment I had that thought, I began to dream about a better life and a family member introduced me to vision boarding. Wow how that changed and supercharged my life! Then I read a book call Prosperity and my mind opened like a flower! Next, I began to feed my soul. I was raised in the Baptist church so I know how to pray, but I did not know how to meditate. I learned how to quiet my mind and allow my soul to reconnect to my higher self. Once I learned how to do that, the creative portion of my brain opened up and I felt unstoppable! Lastly my body. I have not reached my dream beach body yet, but I decided to work out at least 5 times a week. 
So snacking for me looks like 20/20/20, 20 minutes of reading, 20 minutes of meditation and then 20 minutes of exercise. I'm working on pushing that up to 30 minutes...
Of course, I have the best chips that are flavored with the best spices....Tell me how you snack?
Have a harmonious day


  • I’m getting older , so I try to exercise 20-30 mins. a day & trying to work up to drinking 64oz of water daily. I try to do healthier snacking, a piece of fruit or a hand full of nuts. I love potato chips BUT!!! I needed to go with a low sodium brand & I also watch the portion size because I can eat a bag of chip in like 1 sitting that’s how much I LOVE THEM. Maybe Symphony who’s chips are delicious (The plain was my favorite) will make a lower sodium version? Have a Blessed & Safe day. Regards!

    Theresa Murphy
  • Use your family kn the marketing , not some random person

    Bridgette BROWN

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