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Are you a 1%-er

Are you one of the people that considers yourself a part of the 1%? Wait, I know most of you feel like being a part of the 1% means that you are one the wealthiest people on the planet? Well, how do you define wealth? I have learned there are more elements when it comes to wealth than just money. I feel like health is definitely a big part of being wealthy and our perception of health is very important. 
I have always wondered how holistic medicine plays a part or should play a part in our overall everyday health. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in the strives western medicine has made, but there is something to be said about eastern medicine and the herbs from which all medicine is derived from. I consider myself a 1 percenter when it comes to this issue because I'm not afraid to ask where drugs come from and why not use them in their natural state if they have all these benefits? I like questioning the status quo especially when it comes to my health. 
For example, how much do you know about Echinacea, pictured above? Did you know there are several health benefits you receive when you take Echinacea? One of the benefits of Echinacea I have enjoyed for years is the boost to my immune system especially now during allergy season. Here are some benefits you may not have known:
#1: Helps Boost Immune System
#2: Keeps Teeth Strong
#3: Helps Reduce Inflammation
#4: Benefits To Healing Respiratory Conditions
#5: May Prevent Cancer
#6: Eases Urinary Tract Infections
#7: Treats Sore Throats
#8: Treats Indigestion And Constipation
#9: Helps Fight Viral And Bacterial Infections
#10: Skin Health
Have a harmonious day!

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