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New Symphony Chip Flavor Announcement!!!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Executive Chef Andre has officially announced the next flavor of Symphony Chips! So for all of you that love the Original Flavor will be sure to love the new flavor which is....SMOKED!
Yes the new flavor of Symphony Chips will be called Smoked Flavor! So just imagine all the harmonious flavor you have enjoyed from our Original Gourmet Flavor, but now its Smoked! Stay tuned for updates on when it will be available online...


  • We definitely want to be the first with the new “Smoke” flavor chips. The original continues to be a hit, a new flavor keeps new customers coming and established customers excited. Peace.

    CafeULU Atlanta
  • I cant wait to try he new flavor. How can it be better then the original? LOL

    Iā€™m up here in Grand Rapids Michigan with Pamela! šŸ˜Š

    Kevin Sackett
  • I’ve just been introduced this o your chips and aim in love, I’m not really a pepper girl but it works with your chip and the balance is perfect I can’t wait to try your chips with one of my famous sandwiches. Yes hank you and can’t wait for the new flavor (s)

    Stephanie is oods

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