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It's about being Elite

Everyday is a new opportunity to be Elite! I feel what's great about that word is that I get to define it for myself everyday.

Hello Symphony Nation,

During my life journey, wanting to be Elite by someone else's definition left me feeling broken and feeling not good enough. It took me a long time to define my life for me because I wanted to make everyone else proud and happy, little did I know I had not yet met me and had no idea what made me happy or proud.
I wanted other people's definition of the American dream so I lived my life by other people's expectations. The funny thing about living life by other people's expectations is that other people's opinions consume you, or consumed me in this case. I remember the first decision I made towards discovering myself, I remember being in the 8th grade in Las Vegas, in Albertson's grocery store and a woman walked up to me and asked me which basketball team I played for? So just in case you don't know me, I'm 6 feet tall and I'm a black man, so naturally, this woman assumed I was a basketball player. However, I smiled and told her I enjoyed the sport, but I was an engineering student. 
Oh, how I enjoyed that moment. I of course went on and graduated with both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering degrees but that's not the point. The point is I decided not to live by someone else's idea of me. I then went on to give my children names that all start with the letter A! Why? Because there is more than one way to get all A's out of life! This is why I named our company All A's Spices. I know some of you believed the name of the company is Symphony Chips, but no. Symphony came from my father believing that every bite should be harmonious!
Again, we get to define our lives however we want and that is exciting and those of us who decide to make the journey of self-discovery get to be Elite in my opinion. I feel the path to self-discovery starts as soon as we decide our opinion of ourselves matters more than anyone else's assumption of us...If you remember your first step to self-discovery I'd love to hear about it?
Have a harmonious day!
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  • I loved your article. It is always fascinating to me how people think just because a brother is 6 feet or more that he must be into basketball. That is not all we can do…lol. I am also loving the balsamic chips. These are definitely my favorites. You have a lifetime customer!!!!

    Cynthia Simmons
  • I don’t normally stop to read things like this but you grabbed my curiosity.
    I loved it just as I love your chips.
    Thank you!!


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