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I think you are EXTRAORDINARY

Hello Symphony Nation, 
I think you're extraordinary, do you agree? Why do I think you are extraordinary, simply because you are among the few people who choose to live extraordinary lives! I know this because of the chips you eat! Sorry shameless plug, but by receiving this email you have shown me you have extraordinary taste and only want the best out of life! YOU GO YOU!
I believe being extraordinary is never an accident. I feel it is achieved only as a result of an unrelenting and vigorous insistence on the highest standards of excellence! Again, how you define extraordinary for yourself is important. Just like success is a verb will I believe extraordinary is also a verb or better yet a journey. I say that because the people I talk to can describe an event as extraordinary but no one has ever said that they were on their way to extraordinary. Unless maybe I'm hanging around the wrong folks. 
I used to struggle a lot with allowing myself to enjoy some of the extraordinary moments in my life due to my inability to forgive myself and not allowing myself to be present and celebrate myself. My first step was getting a glass jar and every time some extraordinary happened, I'd write it down and put it in that jar. Then at the end of every month, I would read the entries and celebrate each one. I did this until someone asked me, "What inside of me is having resistance to celebrating at that moment?" Wow, I had no idea. So I took that thought and prayed and meditated about it and all of a sudden I realized that I had a lot of stuff I had not forgiven myself for, so naturally, I felt guilty about anything good that came into my life. 
Great, so now I have surfaced all this stuff and I have no process to resolve it. What's that old saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!" Well, I watched Oprah on YouTube and on her old talk show she had Michel Beckwith and he said his forgiveness process is as follows;
1) Find and surface all the feelings around what happened
2) Find the gift in the situation. Even if it's wrapped in sandpaper
3) When you are thankful for the situation you have finished the process
So I started doing that! Wow, the release that came from following those steps was amazing or extremely extraordinary!
What's your forgiveness process, please share?


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