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Health Benefits of Chamomile

Did you know about all the health benefits of chamomile?

According to The University of Rochester, chamomile is considered by some to be a cure-all, chamomile is commonly used in the U.S. for anxiety and relaxation. It is used in Europe for wound healing and to reduce inflammation or swelling. Few studies have looked at how well it works for any condition. Chamomile is used as a tea or applied as a compress. It is considered safe by the FDA. It may increase drowsiness caused by medicines or other herbs or supplements. Chamomile may interfere with the way the body uses some medicines, causing too high a level of the medicine in some people.Chamomile for the skin (topical) may be used to treat skin irritation from radiation cancer treatments. Chamomile in capsule form may be used to control vomiting during chemotherapy.Here are some other benefits you might not have known that chamomile can help with:

1. Reducing menstrual pain
2. Treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar
3. Slowing or preventing osteoporosis
4. Reducing inflammation
5. Cancer treatment and prevention
6. Helping with sleep and relaxation
7. Treating cold symptoms
8. Treatment for mild skin conditions

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