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Are You A Healthy Competitor

Do you like to compete? Do you feel like competing is healthy for you? Absolutely I do! When it comes to setting goals for your life you are literally competing against the old you. The old you no longer satisfies the present you and that's when the future you begins to take shape. 
Whether your goals are career-related, fitness-related or just plain I need to do better related, the new and improved you is now competing against the old you! I say lean into the new you! What does the new you dress like? Why not search for some new clothes the new you should be wearing? Where does the new you live? Why not look at some homes you feel are worthy of the new you? And finally, what does the new you eat? I think only the best and finest foods starting with Symphony products! Just think of how inspirational you will appear to your friends when they see you posing with your Symphony Chips and how you get to explain to them they are the only chips for the new you!
Goodbye to the old you...Cheers to the new you!


  • Good product. Poor customer service and poor location accessibility. No responses on request or emails.

    Duane lane
  • I, also, bought your overpriced chips through the View-Your Deal on the View and was displeased with both the value and the taste of the product. I found the chips over seasoned, especially with pepper. I will not be reordering or consuming this product in the future. Please remove me from your mailing list.

    Timm Lotspeich
  • Your message is great but the chips not so much. I bought the chips advertised on The View.
    Each flavor was worse than the last. I gave them away and the recipients didn’t like them, and tossed them.
    Good luck in your endeavors, but can you remove my email address, please?
    Thank you!

  • I love symphony chips and support the cause!

    jennifer l brush

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