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All-Natural Chips Start with our Potatoes

Not sure how other companies make their chips,

But here at Symphony Chips freshness is a way of life for us

Freshness starts with our crops which means dug up from the ground and shipped directly to us

It also means understanding who has fresh crops and who has crops stored

While there are potato varieties that will maintain quality longer in storage conditions during the offseason

if stored too long, surface blemishes and bruises will begin to develop, which has a negative impact on the cooking process

Because we focus on being all-natural you can rest assured that fresh crops are our primary concern for our chips

Come be a part of the all-natural symphony chips family


We believe and practice an all-natural way of producing our chips from start to finish.


  • I received my Symphony Chips and they were very crispy and fresh. I got the regular and the seasoned. They were very tasty. I wish they had a low sodium chip since it’s important that I watch my sodium intake. I hope that’s in the works for the future.

  • The chips are pretty good, they have a great crunch and the seasonings okay. The reason for the okay seasoning is because it’s a bit salty. But overall great chips!

  • Love your chips. the new flavor is excellent. every carton i buy i give away more than half of the bags to win over new devotees. I don’t buy any other chips now.

    donna s
  • We are A distributor for SYMPHONY CHIPS. They are unique and provide A melody to your taste buds!!!! Experience them for yourself @ Aunt B’s Soul Food Restaurant
    2750 South Green St.
    Tupelo, Ms.. 38801
    Ask for them by name: Symphony Chips

    Aunt B's Soul Food Restaurant

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